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So last year I had to do some pretty hard college entry tests. Just gotta say I'm in, so it was worth it. Carnaval is gone and with it my extended vacation, so it's back to business.

College and DMs Guild are probably gonna take a whole lot of my time, but since taking commissions was -never- meant as a "job" I think that won't be too much of a problem.

So as always, if you want me to draw your character, group, oc or anything like that just send me a note. 10$ for my typical one character commission like the ones from the commission folder, a little extra for colored or multiple characters.


Changeling - Bas, the Satyr punk by DiegoBastet
Changeling - Bas, the Satyr punk
Next changeling character, Bas, a wilder satyr that skims between seelie and unseelie because of his punk and anarchist tendencies.

Actualy Gustavo (punk nickname is "Mascot"), his mortal mien, is a "card carrying punk". He lives with this father, a senior punk owner of a punk bar, and grew up among the punk culture. So of course he became a punk. He listens to punk music, likes the punk ideal. BUT he is more of a "softcore" punk, not all the way true crazy punk. He didn't actually choose to be punk at one time, just kinda sorta grew up on a punk bar and always helped his father with the bar and one thing led to another.

Gustavo is a nice guy, a real buddy you can count on, valuing true friendship and standing by your friends during hardships. He's actually smart and has great grades, specially on math and physics. He's also a bass player, but it seems his punk band sucks and as many teenager musics he's far from the best around and just didn't realize that yet.

Oh yeah, another detail: Gustavo really likes the fictional punk band Atomic Gandhi, born out of the meme of Gandhi from the Civilization game becoming the most agressive leader and nuking everyone at the first opportunity.

His fae mien Bas is pretty much the same, has no presence in court, and is a little on the "noble savage" side of things. He is really different from Amora from the last picture, and I actually feel weird by how they don't conect much at all.
Changeling - Amora (blackberry) Satyr popular girl by DiegoBastet
Changeling - Amora (blackberry) Satyr popular girl
Next character, this is Amora (amora means blackberry, the litle fruit, in portuguese). Amora is my wife's character, a wilder satyr girl. Amora was more os less based on one of her female students, a popular girl in school.

While Amora acts as the typical teenager popular girl, being pretty while eating junk food and not even trying to be in shape but being in shape anyway, shallow, having lots of boyfriends etc, she also found that this girl had a hidden, deeper aspect: She is a virtuoso writer, and while she writes mostly fanfics and teenager romance she regards them as crap that makes her famous and wants to publish a True Romance one day.

As I said before, like most of Nike's characters Amora is pretty hot, even being a 15yo (but don't trust that chest; "teenagers' bras do wonders, trust me I was one" as my wife said). Not only does she in fact exercises (in Nike's words "volley because it's popular and gives her an excuse to wear those tiny shorts, and something streetlike, popular, like rollerblading") but she's also a satyr (a kith considered pretty). She takes the popular part very far, with youtube channels of her skating, dancing, dancing while skating, doing her gymnastics, chit-chating with her fans and talking nonsense, and all those things that popular youtubers do.

Oh, and her Voile (the "fey clothing") is one of those fanfare parade short skirts that girls wear during parades. I found this detail so cute!
Changeling - Elyion, the Sidhe sorceress by DiegoBastet
Changeling - Elyion, the Sidhe sorceress
This is Elyion, played by my friend Lucia, and besides her is Rebeca, her human guise.

Sidhe aren't changelins, when they came to earth on 1969 they took the bodies of people. While we understand that most don't like the implication that sidhe are body thieves, we think that the "after this "first generation" came in 69, the next ones started taking the bodies of unborn babies" is a half-assed excuse to allow both grown up, adult sidhe in 69 and avoid the fact that they stole those bodies.

In our setting we don't use this poor excuse; when they finally emergy from the dreaming sidhe take someone's body. usually the body of someone that resonates with them (a burly sidhe in the body of a burly man, a smart sidhe in the mind of a smart gal, etc).

And then came the immortal sidhe Elyion, sorceress of house Eiluned, taking the body of the young girl Rebeca, a smart, aloof girl, best in the school and that prefers the company of books to other teens; a perfect fit for the immortal sorceress.

What happens to the human soul? Some sidhe say they go to Arcadia and are happy there, and never think about it. But then, a true Eiluned questions that, after all no one can prove that the human spirit goes, in fact, to arcadia? Where, indeed? That snags at poor Elyion, as she sees the world from rebeca's eyes, and can sense some of her memories as alien memories of -someone else-. Fortunately, Rebeca's parents were already distant and always travelling to begin with.
Changeling - Cormac, the Boggan knight by DiegoBastet
Changeling - Cormac, the Boggan knight
This is Cormac, my character in our current Changeling the Dreaming campaign that just started. The campaign setting is a nwod version of the city we live in, Curitiba (a pretty glamorous city by the way).

My character is the seelie boggan Cormac, currently a wilder and squire to House Gwydion. Cormac is a bit different from other Boggans in that he has a strong martial bent. In fact since he has Rememberance (allowing him to remember a little from his previous incarnations and from the immortal life of his fey self), he knows that he was originally a scottish clan warden, a kind of household god that took care of the clan both in peace and during warfare, know for his mighty bellow, immense strenght and delicious mead.

He was born Vinicius, a short and fat kid with absolute no social skills (not that he doesn't -try- to be nice, on the contrary, it's just that no one likes it anyway), with awkward laughter and musical taste, and a love to stay at home, cook, knit and helping out people. Or as others would say: a wimp. He even carries around the nickname "Vina", a slang for hot dog sausage here in our parts, because he is soft, round and short.

His Chrysalis was triggered by the times bullies went too far, awakening the mighty (if short) Cormac from slumber and making Vina beat them into submission. Once that happened Cormac was awakening, and the Chrysalis would be complete in some months.

His chrysalis was a blessing and not traumatic at all. Suddenly everything fell in place and the world made sense. His appearance, awkwardness, his love for "wimpy" things, all explained by his boggan nature, and even that mighty righteous rage when bad things happened to good people were part of the warrior that Cormac is.

Since then (or maybe because of his puberty striking in at the same time...) he is much more confident and happy. He helps three times more, bakes his cookies that he sells at school twice as good, knits three times as fast, helps as handyman in the building he lives in, and still have time to his duties at court. He is still awkward, nerdy and socially inepet ("and now talks as if he was in a renaiscence fair, such a dork" as other kids would say), but at least he isn't a "wimp" that hates himself anymore. In the last year he even had his growth spur and grew up 9cm, reaching "amazing" 1,52m!

In the fey society he is training to be a knight, sworn to House Gwydion, and while a commoner he is firmly on the side that nobles should rule because they were made for that; it's the natural order. (of course people may point out that boggans weren't meant to be knights, and that will leave the awkward teenager unable to respond)

And that's it. He's a good kid, with a chivalrous, heroic heart, from an underrepresented kith
15$ Comission #24 - Dalah and children by DiegoBastet
15$ Comission #24 - Dalah and children
A commission for a brazilian client from my facebook rpg circles.

This is Dalah, a priestess from the peace goddess of the Arton setting. She's the caretaker for an orphanage that takes in children from any species. Together with her, from left to right we have Light, from an "original" species that are 3e tieflings in all but name, the young Jolki, that... i don't really understand his species, but he can pass as human for now, and to the the right Brave, a preadolescent half orc (7yo, but looking like 11 or 12).

It was a nice experience finding a cute reference for the kids. Gotta try drawing more children; there are almost no art of children from fantasy species out there.


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